Eco Warrior of the Month

Eco Warrior of the month was launched in February. The children are encouraged to be the best Eco Warrior they can be, by showing that they are having a positive impact on the environment by recycling, picking up litter, encouraging others to recycle or compost etc.

The following children have been awarded Eco Warrior of the Month!

May 2019

This month we were lucky enough, to have children, who were eager to share their knowledge of  what makes a good Eco Warrior and the changes that have been made at Mortimer St. John’s to make us a greener school. They presented to Mortimer St. Mary’s children to \’launch\’ their  Eco Week, the children did a marvelleous job and delivered an exciting assembly.  This, alongside discussions with P&F members, to become greener at P&F run events, has entitled Luke, Isabella, Abigail and Dexter to become Eco Warriors of the month.

Ben showed us that planting seeds can be good for the environment and also gave us great plants to sell on the Eco Warrior stall at the May Fair. Well done Ben we love the work you did.

Eleanor showed us that as well as picking up litter, that picking up a pen, can also help to make great changes for our planet. She wrote to Tesco to ask them how they are cutting back on their use of plastic. She received a reply and was also given a phone number to call if she wanted more information. The plan is to take them up on their offer by calling them to discuss this further. Fantastic work!

Well done Luke, Dexter, Isabella, Abigail, Jasmine, Ben and Eleanor, you all show that you are never too young to make a positive difference    to our planet.

Eco Warriors of the Month May 2019 – Luke Brown, Dexter Carvell, Isabella Williams, Abigail Williams, Jasmine Hill, Ben Courtnadge and Eleanor Ingram.


April 2019

More and more children are embracing the challenge of being the best Eco Warrior they can be, which makes it so difficult to choose our Eco Warrior of the month!

In Year 2 Charlie wrote a letter to ‘Pristine Pups’ in the village and asked them if they would set up a tub for people to recycle their pet food pouches, we could then collect these and recycle with Terracycle. Pristine Pups were delighted to help us, they were also really impressed with Charlie’s letter.  Jasmine has been encouraging her parents to pick up litter when they go for walks around the village, helping to keep our community clean and tidy.

In Year 1 Finlay decided to write to John Redwood to ask him to do something about the \’plastic problem\’, this topic is an issue that the Eco Warriors are keen to tackle.  We can’t wait to see if John Redwood replies!
Niamh has also become a great litter picker too! Working hard to keep our village litter free!

Eco Warriors of the Month April 2019 – Charlie Nicholls, Jasmine Hill, Finlay Harlen and Niamh Goslin.


March 2019

It was very tricky to decide who should receive the award for March. We were wowed by Eleanor’s litter picking at home and Lyra’s litter picking whilst on holiday! Albert found rubbish that could be recycled whilst he was at the local swimmng pool, he decided to take this home to ensure that it was recycled properly. Abigail had written to the local dentist to ask them to support us recycling toothpaste brushes and tubes by collecting them for us in their reception. What inspirational Eco Warriors Eleanor, Lyra, Albert & Abigail are!

Eco Warriors of the Month March 2019 – Eleanor Ingram, Lyra Browne, Albert Dearing and Abigail Roberts.


February 2019

Our February Eco Warrior of the month was Amelie who had been out litter picking with her parents. She was so enthusiastic about the difference she had made, many Eco Warriors have in turn been inspired by her actions. Keep up the good work Amelie!

Eco Warrior of the Month February 2019 – Amelie Clemison