Mortimer St. John’s C of E Infant School is a place that will always be very dear to us.  Having had two girls pass through the school with flying colours, both academically and socially, I am in no doubt that my two boys will follow the same path.

Mortimer St, John’s Parent.

The school provides such a wealth of happiness in all aspects of learning and never fails to impress with providing the children with first class education and an extensive extra curricular activities calendar.  This creates a balance within the children to enable them to explore so many aspects of life, whether it be sport, reading, drama, music and dance, science workshops, cookery, art and indeed the use of the latest technology within a safe environment.  This fundamental learning at such an early age has given all my children such an appetite for life.  They go in and come out with smiles on their faces.  As parents we could ask for nothing more.

Mortimer St, John’s Parent.

I have had the privilege of joining the children for classes and school trips and find myself in awe of the teaching staff and indeed the children.  The unconditional care and support that is shown to each and every child is quite remarkable.  This reflects on the children’s attitude and in turn they strive to better themselves in everything they do.   The children are praised both in effort and attainment which gives them such a huge sense of pride and the office provides a first class communication system between school and home so parents too are notified with regards to all aspects of their children’s learning.

Mortimer St. John’s parent.

School life is lots of work and it is very good. There are lots of after school clubs which are great, wii fit is good fun, board games is really good and Judo is the best.  The teachers are nice and kind.  Using the iPads is a good and fun way to learn.   I am very happy with my school we learn lots, we have a great playground and Mrs Sumner is a very nice headteacher. 

Mortimer St. John’s pupil

“It is brilliant to still, after many years, be collaborating with a school committed to using dance as a way to fire young people’s creative skills. The schools focus is about ensuring pupils get a chance to have an enriched curriculum and access quality dance. I’m proud that the school has been used as a case study for Youth Dance England.”

John Darvell, Artistic Director of Nocturn Dance

Yet another outstanding achievement for the children at your wonderful school.  An enormous thank you to First For Sports for their incredible energy and this amazing opportunity. 

Mortimer St. John’s Parent