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In the beginning

Mrs Sumner attended a course explaining how to implement a Peer Mediation scheme. The course explained how “Buddies” could benefit both pupils and the school.

The next step

We were set homework between the workshops; to collate data for a needs analysis from both pupils and all the staff at Mortimer St John’s.

The needs analysis; in the form of a questionnaire, highlighted areas of concern the children, lunchtime staff and teaching staff had during break and lunchtimes, including the amount of time taken up by the staff sorting out playground disputes.

Introducing the buddy scheme to the pupils

A series of assemblies were arranged to introduce the scheme to the pupils which included role play by the teaching staff and a time where questions could be answered:

  • What is a Buddy?
  • Who can become a Buddy?
  • How can we recognise who the Buddies are?

The interview process

Pupils wanting to become a Sunshine Buddy completed an application form and were invited to an interview with Miss Hawkins. The children were asked several questions including what would they do if they saw someone sitting on the “Friendship Bench” and what should the Sunshine Buddies wear to be easily recognised in the playground.


The succesful candidates were invited for “Buddy” training which was held once a week for 40 minutes over six sessions.

The training included discussions on:

  • What makes a playtime happy?
  • What makes a playtime unhappy?
  • What can we do to make playtimes a good time?

The children played games and used role play to help them understand the importance of reading people’s facial expressions and body language.

The end

We now have a group of children who have qualified to become a Sunshine Buddy. Each child has signed a contract to say they agree to the rules of being a Sunshine Buddy.

Our Sunshine Buddies wear their special Buddy badges and yellow jackets with pride.

Here are some pictures of our Sunshine Buddies in the playground.